A Christmas Carol Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

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A Christmas Carol Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids in English

One New Year's Eve people were running around trying to make it somewhere The stingy old grumpy man Mr. Scrooge was looking at a window from his workplace What nonsense all these people running around in the cold I hate New Year's Eve

Mr.. Scrooge sat at his table and began to check the list of all the people that owed him money With hesitation his helper approached him and asked.

Is it possible that I leave a little early today You know it's New Year's Eve, and I must buy my son a presents No you may not Mr. Present How ridiculous and why leave it to the last day.

You should have bought it earlier with great sadness his helper returned to work at that very moment a door knocked as Grumpy as himself His dog barked at the door

Mr. Scrooge's helper opened the door. His young nephew had come to visit him He invited him over to the New Year's dinner Because Mr. Scrooge didn't like New Year's And he thought that the celebrations were nonsense once again like always he refused to go After his nephew had left his tour knocked again.

Oh What now! Leave me alone so I can work This time two men entered and asked if it was possible for him to donate some money to the orphans Mr. Scrooge refused to give them money Go on now go go to another door I have no money to throw on the streets.

With great sadness the men walked out Later that evening Mr. Scrooge went home, wore his pajamas and sat on his couch and dried that moment Some strange things began to happen windows and doors began to swing There were howling noises coming from the door and scary sounds all around The dog began to bark once again At first

Mr. Scrooge didn't take any notice of this, but then all of a sudden a ghost appeared right in front of him Mr. Scrooge had never been so frightened in his whole entire life The ghost was his friend from work who had just passed away With great difficulty

Mr. Scrooge spoke You but how can it be? You died, go get away from you leave me alone I haven't done anything wrong Ghosts hands and feet were in shackles.

He told Mr. Scrooge due to his selfishness and greediness he was punished and that his punishment was to walk around the world in shackles And so he warned Mr. Scrooge not to make the same mistake he did You go and mind your own business.

Your dead! There you have it Okay, then just wanted to warn you Three other girls will visit you one of them will show you your past the other your presence and The last one will show you your future life Mr. Scrooge acted as if none of this had happened and head off to bed Soon after a light caught his eye When Mr. Scrooge opened his eyes a child ghost appeared.

It was the ghost from last years new years eve Mr. Scrooge was stunned Hi Now we will take a little trip to the past Ohh, What's happening, help! The ghost took Mr. Scrooge back to his childhood years. And there it was Mr. Scrooge as a child. With his friends in the schoolyard Decorating the tree like a Christmas tree.

The kids were having so much fun You could tell child Mr. Scrooge was very happy Later on the ghost took him to his first bosses house when he was a young man They were having a great time with his boss and his family Mr. Scrooge's wife was also there. Together they were dancing and having so much fun And at last the ghost took

Mr. Scrooge back to another New Year's Eve Which was in the past but later on in his life? His wife began to cry. Before we used to have so much fun He used to care for me and love me, but now all you love is money.

I have no room in your life anymore I think we should part Not being able to stand the sight of this Mr. Scrooge asked the ghost to take him back And suddenly he was home This time round a giant green covered ghost appeared in front of him Now

Mr. Scrooge was even more scared. It was this year's New Year's ghost Come with me, let's see what's happening this New Year's Eve Before he had any time to refuse he found himself in his helpers home In his poor helpers home was a very simple dinner table

Mr. Scrooge thought that everyone in the family hated him Then he saw that this actually wasn't the case. His helpers stood up and started to talk I want to thank Mr. Scrooge for giving me the opportunity to work and for paying me on time.

We're able to eat because of him Even though Mr. Scrooge was nasty to his helper at every chance he got. He was amazed at how thankful he was Later he noticed his helpers sick child The kid was sitting in his wheelchair at the top corner of the table. He looked thin and sick

Mr. Scrooge was very sad for the child This child is very ill and hasn't got much time left After hearing this Mr. Scrooge's sadness grew bigger Later on the ghost took him to his nephews home All his family was having so much fun eating They even had an empty seat waiting for him Wish uncle was here with us

Mr. Scrooge did not expect to see this He always thought that his whole family had hated him At that moment the ghost told him that it was time for him to die and revealed two kids standing under his jacket It was a girl and a boy But with their skinny figures and scary faces they looked more like two old skeletons than kids Pay attention to these kids.

They represent greedy and unconcerned people. When it is time for you to die Pay special attention to the boy The giant green ghost also disappeared. Mr. Scrooge did not quite understand what the ghost was trying to say But suddenly he startled with the sound of the clock It was midnight.

This time there appeared a darker and scarier ghost in front of him This one was the ghost of the future.

He brought Mr. Scrooge to his own funeral People were gathered at his grave in a graveyard Mr. Scrooge was shocked when he saw his face on his gravestone He saw that people were talking behind his back, and how they were relieved that he was finally gone That moment

Mr. Scrooge realized that over the years He had become an even worse person and nobody liked him anymore. People who owed him money were happy with his death And he saw his helper's son's grave Unlike his His son's grave was full of flowers He could not stand to see it anymore He asked the ghosts to take him back Please take me back Now I understand.

I'm going to change the way i live. I'm not going to be that stingy old grumpy man I promise you Suddenly he was home Luckily the time wasn't 12:00 yet His dog began to bark

Mr. Scrooge noticed it was still that same day. He still had time to change some things With great happiness he jumped out onto the street First he visited the butcher.

He bought a big turkey and asked if he could take it to his helpers home then they bought a toy And asked if they could take it to his helpers son. Then he ran and went to his brother's house He joined the dinner his nephew had invited him to.

That night they all had a great New Year's Eve together Later on he made sure his helpers Son got the treatment he needed He treated him as if he was his own son He helped the poor he could along with people better And treated them with warmth He was never rude selfish or stingy And nothing was ever going to be the same
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