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Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Story For Kids in English

What is your project about Tofu? We have to raise money for the class show. We have to make and sell something.

So what have you decided to make? That’s where the trouble is, I can’t think of anything. I wish I had some magic and I could just get as much money as I wanted. In fact I would use the magic to become the richest person on Earth and sit back and relax the whole day.

I would do nothing else! well Tofu you do know that there is more in life then only being rich? People like you more when you are honest hard-working and humble. That’s how Aladdin found his Princess and lived a happy life.

Aladdin? Who is that? I’ll tell you. Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Aladdin. He lived with his mother and his pet monkey in a poor village of Arabia. The only relative Aladdin and his mother had was a distant uncle who hardly kept in touch with them.

One day when Aladdin and his mother were finishing their daily chores, Aladdin’s uncle showed up. Brother! What a pleasant surprise. How are you sister? How is your son? We are both good brother.

It has been many years since you have visited us. Aladdin this is your uncle. You saw him once when you were a little baby. Hello uncle. Oh! What a young lad he has become. But I am sorry to see the state of thing you have to live in sister.

I have a proposition. Let me take Aladdin with me and I will find him some work. Once he has earned enough, he can come back to you. Till then, keep this piece of gold to make your living. Oh brother! That is a wonderful idea.

It will do Aladdin good to learn some work with you. The next morning Aladdin and his uncle left They walked through many villages and towns. Till one day they came to a quiet place outside one of the villages.

There were many caves and tunnels there. what are we doing here uncle? I have a job for you here. Here, uncle? But there is nothing here except these rocks and caves. Look there, under the tree. There is a large stone with a ring on it. I want you to lift it. Okay, uncle. as you say Please help me uncle. this rock is very heavy. No, I can’t help you.

It is your job you have to do it. It’s opening! It’s opening uncle! I can see a narrow passage and some stairs leading further down. Very good job my boy! Now I want you to go in there. But before you go here, wear my ring, this is a magical ring. It will keep you safe.

Yes, uncle. Aladdin follows his uncle’s directions and goes down the stairs. Once at the bottom he sees that it is a large cave filled with many jewels and gold coins. Pick up the large gold plates and urns fill them up with gold and jewels. Pick up anything else that you thing maybe worth something.

Aladdin, does as his uncle had told him. He stuffed the large urns with many precious items and made his way back towards the staircase. On his way out, he saw a small dusty lamp. Although, it didn’t look precious he decided to take it too and tucked it into his shirt. When Aladdin had reached the top of the staircase he called out to his uncle for help.

Here uncle! Please take these urns and then pull me up too. I cannot get out by myself, the opening is too far for me. Yes, yes! Give me the urns. Okay uncle now pull me out. Pull you out! So that you can go and tell everyone where the treasure is? Never! I brought you along because this is a cursed cave. Only a small boy can go in and out of it. I have what I wanted… I don’t have to come back for more for a long time.

Saying so, Aladdin’s uncle shut the cave’s opening with large stone that had a ring on it leaving Aladdin behind in the cave. Aladdin was shocked but he stayed patient. Uncle has betrayed us. But I must find a way out and get back to my house. Dear God, show me a way out of here please.

Aladdin joined his hands and bowed his head to pray. As he put his hands together his fingers rubber over his uncle’s magical ring. And a creature came out it. Yes master, you called me? Who are you? I am the slave of this ring and whoever wears it. I must obey any one command of the master of the ring and then the ring will be destroyed, freeing me.

How may I serve you, my master? Can you please get me out of here and back home to my mother? Yes master! Right away.

The next moment Aladdin was home with his mother. His mother was surprised to see him back home so soon and in such an abrupt manner. My son! You have returned so soon! Where is your uncle? Have you already earned so much money? Uncle cheated on us mother.

I will tell you everything, but first give me something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. Aladdin’s mother served him the remainder of the food as he told her what had happened and how his uncle had tricked and abandoned him. I can’t believe my own brother would do this to us, son. I am glad you are home safe now.

But the gold coin your uncle gave me has run out and we have nothing to eat now. Don’t worry mother. I have this lamp, I will go into the market and sell it tomorrow. Let us sleep for now. Relieved that they were together Aladdin and his mother slept peacefully that night.

The next morning Aladdin asked his mother for the lamp. Mother, I am very hungry. Give me the lamp, I will go sell it so we may have some bread. Here son, take the lamp. But clean it nicely and polish it before you go to the market. A shiny lamp will fetch you more money.

Yes mother. As Aladdin started rubbing the lamp clean with his shirt a magical creature appeared from it. Yes master! What is your command for me? Master…? Are you like the creature of the ring? Yes master, he is my brother. And I know that he freed you from the caves. What is going on Aladdin? Who is this? Don’t worry mother. This is a magical creature of the lamp.

He will grant us anything we wish for. Call me Genie, my master. Very well Genie, please get us something to eat. We are very hungry.

As soon as Aladdin had said it, several silver plates appeared with a variety of food in them. The genie went back into the lamp while Aladdin and his mother had a hearty meal. When it was evening, they were hungry again. Its time for dinner. What shall we do? Should I call the genie again? No…look, he has left us with these silver plates.

Go and sell them in the market. We will buy bread after that. Aladdin agreed with his mother and took one of the silver plates to the market. He saw a Turkish trader and decided to strike a deal with him. But Aladdin didn’t know the value of his silver tray or how to do business. How much you want for this tray? Please give me whatever you think is fit.

I trust you. Okay, take one gold coin. Okay, thank you. The trader was surprised by Aladdin’s innocence and was tempted to tell him that he had made a mistake and that the tray was of even lower value than he had quoted. But instead he let him go. Such an innocent boy. He didn’t even bother to find out the actual value of the plate.

Perhaps I should have given him the fair value. anyways With the gold coin he had got, Aladdin bought food and other necessary supplies for his home. But within a few days, they ran out of all the supplies.

So Aladdin went bank to the Turkish trader and sold him another plate This time the trader gave him two gold coins. Again Aladdin bought food and supplies for his home.

This went on for many days till Aladdin ran out of all the silver plates Son, there is no food in the house. And no plates to sell as well. what shall we do now? I will rub the lamp and call the genie again. Yes, master.

How can I help you today? There is no food in the house. Can you get us some food? Yes of course master. Once again the Genie brought them food on many silver plates. Although Aladdin had the magic lamp they never used it to satisfy any greed.

They continued to live frugally except now his mother started saving a little money from the sale of every silver plate. Like this in a few years’ they had enough money to live a decent life. Aladdin even became a merchant and almost never used the lamp again.

One day, he was returning from work he happened to see the Princess as her procession passed from the street. Mother, I am in love with the Princess and I have decided to marry her. I will present her with many jewels and precious things that we have collected over the years. Aladdin went to the King and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The King saw the honesty in Aladdin’s nature and agreed Aladdin married the Princess and showered her with all the riches he had. The news of the happy couple spread across the land till it reached his uncle.

So! Aladdin got out and betrayed me. He found a magic lamp and didn’t tell me. I shall kill him with my own hands and get the lamp from him. One day when Aladdin was away at work his uncle went to his home and stole the magic lamp. He then ordered the Genie to transport the whole house into the middle of the desert where no one can find it.

What have you done? Where is Aladdin? You will never see him again. Now you are liable to me. You will do as I tell you. Now go and get me some wine and dinner. The Princess did as she was told but as she did so she planned her escape too. She mixed some sleeping powder in his wine and gave it to him. As soon as he had drunk it, he fell into a deep sleep.

The Princess quickly reached for the lamp and rubbed it. The Genies appeared. Yes, Mistress. How may I serve you? Save me Genie.

Please find Aladdin and get him here. Yes Mistress. The next moment Aladdin was there. He saw his uncle sleeping and the Genie present. He understood what had happened immediately. He waited till his uncle got up and then he killed him. he Then told the Genie to take them back home. The Genie did as told and they continued to live their happy life.

Hmmm…So he took the hard way. What a good man Aladdin was. Yes, he was. Well, I think I too want to be honest and sincere like him.

I am never going a look for short cuts or be lazy again Tia! I promise!
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