ChaCha Visits The Doctor - Bedtime Story for Kids in English

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ChaCha Visits The Doctor - Bedtime Story for Kids in English

ChaCha was terrified of doctors. He would always fuss when he had to visit one. But ChaCha, it’s only a check up! Please, Mom! I don’t want to go to the doctor.

Please! One day, ChaCha’s mother remembered that it was time for ChaCha to get a vaccination.

It was a very important medicine that would help ChaCha stay healthy. So ChaCha’s mother wanted ChaCha to visit the doctor.

But she knew that ChaCha would fuss. So she went to talk to Miss Dorothy, ChaCha’s favorite teacher.

Miss Dorothy! I need your help! ChaCha has to get a vaccination. But he’s afraid of the doctor. Don’t worry! We can help ChaCha get over his fear.

Later that day, Miss Dorothy went to ChaCha’s class. Children, have any of you ever been ill? Put up your hands if you have. Many children put their hands up. ChaCha put his hand up too.

Did you like being ill, ChaCha? No, Miss Dorothy, I didn’t. Tell us why, ChaCha. Because I couldn’t play when I was ill. I couldn’t come to school either. And I had to swallow some pills that tasted very bitter. It was terrible, Miss Dorothy. I didn’t like being ill at all.

Then you must get vaccinated, ChaCha. Huh? What’s that, Miss Dorothy? Miss Dorothy then asked the class if they knew what a vaccination was. Children, do any of you know what a vaccination is? Chiku put her hand up. I know what a vaccination is, Miss Dorothy.

It’s a shot that the doctor gives you. It stops the germs that enter your body from making you sick. Miss Dorothy was very happy with Chiku’s answer. That’s correct, Chiku.

Now tell me, children. Have any of you ever had a vaccination shot? And how did it feel? Chika put his hand up this time. I’ve had lots of vaccinations, Miss Dorothy. And they all felt like ant bites.

Huh? Like ant bites? Yes, ChaCha. The doctor was very gentle. So the shot didn’t hurt at all. The doctor also told me jokes and gave me goodies. I felt very silly when I met him. Because I’d been afraid of him for no reason at all. Really? Miss Dorothy then spoke to ChaCha.

ChaCha! I hope you won’t be afraid of the doctor. And I hope you remember. A vaccination shot is just like an ant bite.

When ChaCha went home that day, he surprised his mother. Mom! Guess what? I’m no longer afraid of the doctor.

Or getting a vaccination shot. I’m very happy to hear that, ChaCha. Later that day, ChaCha’s mother took him to the doctor. He was a very friendly man. And ChaCha liked him immediately. Hi ChaCha! Are you ready for your shot? Or do you want to play a game first? I’m ready for my shot, doctor. Let’s play the game later. And so the doctor gave ChaCha the shot.

Chika was right! The shot felt just like an ant bite! It didn’t hurt at all. The doctor then gave ChaCha a gift. It was a book of puzzles. This is for you, ChaCha. Thank you, doctor. I have something for you too.

ChaCha then surprised the doctor. He gave him a card that he had made. I made this for you. To say ‘thank you’ for taking such good care of me. Thank you, ChaCha. ChaCha’s mother was very happy.

ChaCha was no longer afraid of visiting the doctor. And now that ChaCha had his vaccination shot, he wouldn’t get ill. And he would stay very healthy.
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