Cussly's Politeness And Many More ChuChu TV Good Habits Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Cussly's Politeness And Many More ChuChu TV Good Habits Bedtime Stories For Kids

ChuChu and ChaCha were always very polite. They always spoke kindly to the workers in the house. Good morning Good morning kids.

Thank you for making our garden so beautiful. You are welcome But Cussly was always very rude. Hey, you! Get out of my way! You... you’re so stinky. Leave the garden! Now! You! This soup tastes awful.

You’re a terrible, terrible cook. Cussly’s mother was very disappointed in him. She wanted him to be polite and kind and respect everyone. So one day, she asked the janitor, the garbage collector, the gardener and the cook not to come to work.

Please take a holiday for a few days. Don’t come to work I want Cussly to learn how important and helpful you all are.

The next day, Cussly found that the house was very dirty. There’s so much garbage lying around. Where is Stephen? Why hasn’t he picked it up? Cussly, Stephen won’t be coming anymore. You will have to clean the house on your own. And so Cussly had to clean up his own mess.

This is terrible. All the hard work made Cussly very hungry He sat at the table and asked for lunch. I’m very hungry! Andy! Get me my lunch. I’m sorry, Cussly. But Andy won’t be coming anymore. You’ll have to make your own lunch. What? So Cussly had to make his own lunch.

And when Cussly went to throw the garbage out, he found that the garbage can was already completely full. And that it was making everything very stinky. Where is Sandy? Why hasn’t he emptied the garbage can? There’s so much garbage in it. It’s making everything very stinky.

Sandy won’t be coming anymore, Cussly. From now on you’ll have to empty the garbage on your own. And so Cussly had to empty the garbage can on his own. This garbage is making me so stinky.

Cussly then went to the garden to get some fresh air. But he found that the flowers were drooping and that there were weeds growing all over. What’s happened to the garden? Flowers are drooping.

And there are weeds growing everywhere I’m sorry, Cussly. But Julian won’t be coming any more. You’ll have to take the weeds out and water the plants yourself. And so Cussly had to look after the garden on his own.

This is so difficult. Where are Stephen, Julian, Sandy and Andy? Why haven’t they come today? When will they be back? Cussly, don’t you remember? You were very rude to them all. They work very hard for us. I don’t think they’ll come back unless you decide to be polite.

Cussly’s mother then helped him to see how hard everyone worked. All these people work so hard for us, Cussly. But you’ve never cared about them or had a kind word for them. I’m sorry. Mom. I now understand how hard they work. I promise I’ll be polite and kind and show them that I care.

Please ask them to come back Later that day, Cussly spent his time writing ‘Thank You’ notes. The next morning, Cussly went out with his mother and bought flowers and gifts. And the next day, when Stephen, Julian, Sandy and Andy came to the house, Cussly spoke to them very politely. Hello, Stephen. This is for you. Thank you for keeping my house clean.

Thank you, Cussly. This is for you, Julian. I know that you work very hard to make the garden beautiful. Thank you. Sandy, you are very important. Thank you for taking the garbage away. Thank you, Andy, for all the delicious food you make. And I’m sorry that I was rude to you all. It’s okay Cussly. After that day, Cussly always spoke politely and kindly to all of the workers.

His manners made everyone happy. Yummy! And Cussly’s mother felt very proud of him. Thank you! Thank you! Goodbye! Cussly was a boy in ChaCha’s class. He was very proud of himself. I’m handsome and smart.

There’s no one else like me. Cussly also made fun of all the children. ChaCha, you’re so silly. Chika, boo! On the day before Halloween, Cussly went to the park to play. He found a corner and started playing by himself. Suddenly, the lights in the park went out. And the park became very dark.

Cussly’s hands began to sweat. His mouth felt dry. And he began to feel butterflies in his stomach. Cussly was very afraid of the dark. It’s s…s…. so dark here. I hear so many strange sounds. And what are those lights? I hope they aren’t…g…g…ghosts! Or w…w….witches! Cussly was terrified.

He couldn’t stop thinking about all of the scary stories he had read. Cussly began to cry. ChuChu and her friends were in the park too. Luckily, they heard Cussly. Huh? That sounds like Cussly Hmm! I know that Cussly’s afraid of the dark. He must be scared because the lights went out.

Let’s go help him. ChuChu and the others turned on their flashlights and went looking for Cussly. Look! There he is! Cussly was still shaking with fear when ChuChu and the others found him. So they all tried to cheer him up. Cussly! We are here. Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to worry about.

But I hear strange sounds. And look at those two shining lights! ChaCha shone his flash light and showed Cussly where the sounds were coming from. Look over there! See the frogs and crickets. They are making those sounds. And those lights you see, they’re fireflies! Cussly felt much better.

He was thankful for ChuChu and her friends. And the lights came back Yeah! The next day was Halloween Cussly decided to surprise his friends with balloons, cupcakes & chocolates Thank you, everyone Guess what! I'm not scared of the dark anymore. And, I'm sorry I've been rude to you all.

You are all brave, kind and caring And that's what makes you all very special Thanks Cussly! We are all happy to be your friends C'mon, It's Halloween day! Let's go trick or treat Happy Halloween to all!!! Halloween halloween halloween is here Halloween halloween halloween is here October 31st is halloween day Let's all celebrate in our own way Pick the costume you want to wear And let's show them how we can scare? 

Halloween halloween halloween is here Halloween halloween halloween is here Dress like a witch or dress like a ghost And don't forget to scare the host Hold your wand and say "trick or treat" And they will give you something sweet Halloween halloween halloween is here Halloween halloween halloween is here Witches on brooms, skeletons and bats Screaming, running with big black hats Witches on brooms, skeletons and bats Screaming, running with big black hats Halloween halloween halloween is here Halloween halloween halloween is here Oh what fun to watch the kids play They dress so scary on the halloween day From the candy bag we'll find good ones to pick We'll give the kids a treat so that they don't have to trick Halloween halloween halloween is here Halloween halloween halloween is here Chika was a good boy, but he was very lazy when it came to doing his homework.

Oh, homework is so boring! Maybe I’ll play now and do my homework later! Chika always made excuses when his mother asked him to finish his homework. Chika, please finish your homework.

You only have a few problems left. I’ll do it later, Mom. I’m really tired now. Chika even made up stories when his teacher asked to see his homework. Chika, please show me your homework. Uh… uh…. my dog ate it, Miss Dorothy. Chika’s mother met Miss Dorothy one day. She was Chika’s favorite teacher. Chika never does his homework, Miss Dorothy.

No matter how many times I tell him. I have an idea. We'll do something to make sure Chika always does his homework going forward. Miss Dorothy gave the children homework that day. Children, please be sure to finish your homework today. It’s very important. I’ll be checking it tomorrow.

Yes, Miss Dorothy. But even after Miss Dorothy reminded him, Chika didn’t do his homework that day. The next day, Miss Dorothy made an announcement to the class. Children, I have a surprise for you. The principal has invited you all to visit the school garden. The school garden? Yes! And you will all learn to be gardeners. You’ll get special hats and tools. And have a chance to do some real gardening. The children were excited.

Especially Chika. He couldn’t wait to go to the garden. Gardening was one of his favorite things to do. What time are we going to the garden, Miss Dorothy? Right after I check everyone’s homework.

The principal said she will only take the children who have completed their homework to visit the garden. So children, please show me your homework. Huhhh? Chiku and the other children showed Miss Dorothy their homework. I finished my homework, Miss Dorothy. So have we.

But Chika hadn’t done his homework. Uhhhh And so Chika was the only one who wasn’t allowed to go to the garden. I’d like to be a gardener too, Miss Dorothy. If you do your homework today, Chika, we can all go back to the garden tomorrow. That evening Chika did his homework on his own. His mother didn’t even have to remind him once. The next day, Chika immediately showed his homework to Miss Dorothy. I’ve done my homework, Miss Dorothy. Great work, Chika. Today you too will get to be a gardener.

Hooray! Miss Dorothy took the class to the garden again. And this time, Chika got a hat and tools as well. And he had fun gardening with all his friends. Hooray! From that day on, Chika did his homework on his own every day. And both Miss Dorothy and Chika’s mother, felt very proud of him. Cussly was a fussy little boy. He always complained about everything. This cushion isn’t soft enough. I don’t like this ice-cream. Chika, the gift you gave me isn’t nice at all. Cussly’s mother was quite worried about him.

Cussly grumbles and fusses about everything. He is very rude. He must learn how it makes others feel when he complains like that. One day, Cussly’s mother came up with an idea. She spoke to ChuChu and Cussly’s other friends. I need your help, children! Cussly’s mother then asked Cussly to invite his friends home. Cussly, why don’t you invite your friends over tomorrow? You can all play together. I’ll help you bake cookies and make chocolate milkshakes. Good idea, Mom! Cussly likes the idea. And so he invited all his friends. Please come over tomorrow. We’ll have lots of fun The next morning Cussly took out all of his favorite toys and games.

We’re going to have fun playing with these things. He then baked cookies and made chocolate milkshakes. Mmm! Cussly then made the living room very comfortable for his friends. Soon, Cussly’s friends came by. Hi Cussly! Hi everyone! Come on! Let’s play! Cussly brought his toys and games out. These are my favorite toys and games. Let’s play with them. But ChaCha and Chika made a fuss. I don’t want to play indoors, Cussly.

I want to go out. Huh? I don’t like your toys and games. They are boring. Huh? Cussly didn’t know what to do. He felt like ChaCha and Chika were being very fussy. Cussly then brought out the cookies and milkshakes he had made. Everyone! I’ve baked cookies and made chocolate milkshakes for all of us. I hope you like them. Everyone took a cookie and a milkshake. But to Cussly’s surprise, they all started grumbling. This cookie is very hard.

This cookie is too soft! My milkshake isn’t milky. My milkshake needs more chocolate. Huh? Cussly was very disappointed to see his friends fussing and grumbling so much. All Cussly wanted to do was have fun with his friends. But they kept fussing and complaining about everything. It's cold here! No, it’s too hot. I don’t like these cushions. They aren’t soft enough.

Cussly couldn’t understand why his friends were so fussy. His head began to spin. And so he sat down and did nothing. After Cussly’s friends’ left, Cussly went up to his mother. Mom, my friends were being so fussy today. They complained about everything. I just didn’t know what to do.

I don’t want to be like them. So I’m never going to fuss or grumble again. Cussly’s mother’s idea had worked. And Cussly never grumbled or fussed about anything again. ChuChu's neighborhood was a great place to live. Many children lived there. A boy named Cussly lived in the neighborhood too. One morning, Cussly's mother woke him up with a kiss. Good morning, Cussly sweetheart. It's time to rise and shine! Oh Mom! It's Sunday today.

Can I sleep for a little longer, please? You can Cussly. But don't you want to get up and get dressed? It's your birthday today, remember! Oh yes! It's my birthday! I almost forgot! Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Thanks, Mom! So what would you like to do today, Cussly? Would you like to invite your friends over for a birthday party? Yes! Let's invite my friends over for lunch.

That'll be fun! We can get pizzas! And a big chocolate cake! I'll also make my favorite broccoli soup for my friends! It's your day today, Cussly! So we'll do whatever you like, dear. Cussly got dressed quickly. He wore some nice new clothes. Cussly's mother invited his friends over. She ordered pizzas and a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Meanwhile, Cussly put on an apron and started making his favorite broccoli soup. Butter! Fresh broccoli! Cream! Soon, the soup was done and Cussly was ready for his birthday party.

The doorbell rang. Cussly's friends came with presents. Happy Birthday, Cussly! Cussly's mother invited everyone to join Cussly as he cut his birthday cake. Come on, everyone! Let's sing for Cussly while he cuts his birthday cake. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Cussly! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks everyone! Cussly's mother then invited all the children to eat lunch. Come on, children! You must be hungry now.

Let's have some lunch! Cussly wanted everyone to try his broccoli soup. Everyone, I have made my favorite broccoli soup for you all. Please try it. It's yummy. I'm really hungry, Cussly but I'll skip the soup and just have pizza and cake. Try it, ChaCha. It's delicious. I know you'll like it. No, Cussly. I only want pizza and cake. ChaCha's hand accidentally hit the soup bowl. Some soup spilled out. Cussly became very angry. Look what you've done, ChaCha. You've spilled the soup. I'm not going to give you any cake or pizza now.

I'm sorry, Cussly. I didn't mean to spill the soup. I'll help you clean it up. Oh, no you won't. ChuChu heard Cussly scolding ChaCha. Cussly, it was an accident. You're not being fair. Do you remember what happened last week? You were playing with a frog when you accidentally hurt its leg.

Uh oh! I think I'd better go home. I've hurt this frog You left without helping the frog But ChaCha and I took the frog with us and cared for it You were very rude Cussly You ran away without helping out But we forgot about your mistake and came to your birthday party. We forgave you, didn't we? ChaCha made a mistake by pushing the bowl away He's willing to help you clean it up He's being very fair, Cussly And I think you should be fair to ChaCha and forgive him too You're right ChuChu I'm sorry ChaCha And I'm sorry about spilling the soup too Cussly and ChaCha shake hands Cussly then gave ChaCha a huge slice of pizza and a big piece of his birthday cake This is for you ChaCha I'm sorry and thank you for forgiving me.

Friendship is all about forgiving and forgetting Always remember that ChaCha then surprised Cussly by asking him for a bowl of the broccoli soup Cussly, I'd like to try some of the broccoli soup you've made I'm sure it must be very good I'll get you a bowl right away ChaCha enjoyed eating the broccoli soup Mmmm... This soup is yummy You're a very good cook Cussly! Thanks ChaCha Everyone had a good time at Cussly's party We all had fun today and we learned how we must always forgive our friends.

It's very important ChuChu was right Friendship is all about forgiving and forgetting
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