The Wind And The Sun - Story For Kids in English

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The Wind And The Sun - Story For Kids in English

Isn’t that John and his older brother? Yes, that’s them. Look it that He is really troubling his brother.

Uh oh! I think John is in big trouble. I am sure his brother is going to give him a big scolding. I don’t think so. Why not? Didn’t you see how he was troubling his brother? There is no way he is going to stop unless his brother scolds him Don’t decide on that till you’ve heard the story of The Wind and The Sun.

The Wind and The Sun A long long time ago the wind and the sun which is talking when the wind said something strange to the sun.

You do know that I am more powerful than you, don’t you? Don’t be arrogant my friend. But the wind got offended. I am not being arrogant I am being truthful. If you don’t believe me, let’s have a competition right now! The sun did not want to compete with his friend but the wind left him with no choice. 

Reluctantly, he agreed. Okay, my friend. Lets have a competition. Just then, a young man was walking on the road below them.

He was wearing a beautiful scarf and a handsome coat. See that man below? Whoever can get the scarf and coat off him, wins. Okay, wind. You go ahead first. And so the wind blew at the man.

The man’s scarf moved a bit and his coat front flapped a little. I was just beginning I will show the man some more of my power now. Now the wind blew a little more strongly. The man’s scarf and coat front started flapping more in the wind. The wind grew fiercer, and blew more wildly at him.

The man’s scarf almost left him but he caught it and tied it around his neck properly. The wind blew at the man with all his power and anger but it only made the man wrap his scarf and coat around him more tightly.

He started feeling so cold with the wind blowing at him that he wrapped his arms around his legs and sat down by the road. The wind failed to get his scarf and coat off. I have still not lost. If my power and anger couldn’t do the job you surely won’t be able to do it either.

 Let us see. I think you have frozen the poor man. Maybe he could use some warmth. And so the sun gently smiled a bit at the man. Immediately, the man started feeling better. He straightened up and the colour returned to his cheeks. He got up and started walking his way again.

Is that it? Is that all you will do? Smile at him? The sun ignored his friend and smiled at the man a little bit more. The man became more comfortable and walked his way faster. Watch what happens now.

Now the sun gave the man an even bigger smile. As the sun’s smile grew bigger the man started feeling warmer and warmer. Finally he could take it no more and started sweating. he slowly took off his scarf off.

Oh no! At last the sun’s warmth became so much for the man that he took off his coat too and flung it aside. The sun had won the competition! I am sorry I underestimated the effect of gentleness.

I thought only power could make things happen in the world but I was wrong. Oh, don’t worry my friend. Why don’t you blow at him gently so his sweat can vanish? The wind did so while the sun continued to smile at him lightly. The man went on his way, enjoying a pleasant day.

Wow Tia! Thats a wonderful way to be with people. Yes, there are better ways of changing things than a show of anger and power.

I am so glad you are my elder sister, Tia. If ever I do something wrong I know you will correct me without scolding me. Well, looks like John also has a great brother. See…? He is no longer troubling his brother.
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